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What’s in a name?

I was looking at the bowl of oranges that our host had given us soon after arrival at our little bungalow in Milina. Admiring their beautiful colour I wondered ……

Is orange the only case where the word describes the colour and the fruit?

Did the name Orange first come to describe the fruit and then later the colour or did it start with the colour and then move to the fruit?

I guess I had better reach for the dictionary and find the derivation – wonder if it’s Greek?


Language barrier

There are 6,500 languages in the world today. Amazing when I think about it. How did they come to be I wonder? Making oneself understood in ones own language can be frustrating at times let alone trying to communicate in a different country.

So here we are in Milina Greece having a coffee in a small taverna when along comes the fish man in his truck calling out on his loud speaker his catch for the day. I run out to stop him and call out to Carole to come look. In his styrofoam ice chest are three different types of small fish. We selected the fish we wanted, which I believe he called Gavros, but I’m not sure. Now that I Googled “Gavros” I see they are a European anchovy, not something I would have chosen had I known at the time. We pointed and asked for six little fish by showing on our hands six fingers, but we were given handfuls instead. The whole time we are trying to say “no” “thank you, no more” in our startled voices and hand gestures. In the end the blue plastic bag he gave us contained a whopping 45 fish! An amazing deal at only €5, but where did we go wrong with our attempt at communicating? Language barriers are frustrating yet funny when traveling abroad.

By the way, the fish were delicious and provided us with four exceptional meals. For a fantastic Greek experience, there is nothing quite like buying Mediterranean fish from the fisherman that caught them that morning and cooking them for dinner that night. Greek food is fresh, local, and healthy. How it should be!

It’s all greek to me!

Recently I arrived in Greece and when siting down one evening to enjoy a glass of wine, which turned out to be a particularly delicious light dry white, I was amused as I tried to read the description on the bottle.
I said to my partner, “It’s all Greek to me” and then I collapsed in giggles as the perfection of that phrase hit me. I mean just look at this writing ……

If it were French I might not be able to understand but at least I could attempt to read it. In the case of the Greek language I am completely mesmerised and paralysed.
And no, I am not referring to the word paralytic, as one might be after rather too many glasses of Ouzo …. more on that later!

Meanwhile here is a friend’s comment I received on facebook when I posted this photo of the wine bottle there …. she wrote:

“Is a white wine from an area called Aigialia , this wine has a bright colour with the flavour of peach and lemon orange flavours.refreshing you can drink it with white meat , fish pasta, cheese