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Favourite views, favourite patterns

Looking out from Milina, on the Pelion peninsular, the Pagasetic Gulf looks like a lake on many occasions. At such times it’s hard to believe it is part of the Mediterranean.

I love many of the views but there is one in particular that always catches my eye ….

from Milina looking south to the backbone of the mountains leading to Trikeri. Photo taken by Carole Brown May 2019.

Looking at the photos I had downloaded onto my laptop, I suddenly realised how similar this view looked to one I had loved and become very familiar with while living in Lake County California.

Here’s a photo of that view – not the best but the only one I can find while sitting here in Greece – so that you can see what I mean by similar scenes.

Looking along Clear Lake from Lakeport, California, with Mt Konocti in the distance. Photo taken by Carole Brown Sept 2016.

Does it look similar to you, too? I’d love to know what you think.
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I am still amazed by these two views when I consider how far apart they are from each other ….

When I thought about how I might be attracted to places because of shapes that attract me, I decided to call this post “Favourite places, favourite patterns”.

I hope it’s been fun for you to see these two views and to think about places and shapes, scenes and patterns that you find attractive and enjoyable to see.

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Seeing these two pictures together makes me think about a topic related to how our brains work that fascinates me. It’s called pattern recognition (pattern recognition describes a cognitive process that matches information from a stimulus with information retrieved from memory) –more about that in one of my other blogs!


Author: Carole Brown

Born by London Bridge, the river Thames is with me always. I am a true cockney (born within the sound of Bow Bells) though to hear me you would not think so, for I moved aged 9 from the poor east end of London with its docks closing to a tiny Oxfordshire village, population 300, plus its Lord of the Manor! So began my journey of spanning two different worlds. My parents met because of WWII, when my Mum was evacuated from the Isle of Dogs to another small village in rural Oxfordshire. With childhood stories of how my east end family, the Browns, survived the Blitz and of how my Italian grandparents, the Giannandreas, took another leap of faith, leaving Italy to make a new home in Oxford at the turn of the century, it's in my blood to keep moving on, exploring different worlds.

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