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Flowers of Pelion

When I think of flowers in Greece, I think of bougainvillea

  The Pelion has flowers galore – my all time favourites, petunias and geraniums

have been expanded with hydrangeas, the size of which I have never seen before.

Then there is the heady scent of the gardenias …..


Pansies I love ….

And this one I need to ask my Greek friends its name … maybe you know?

Flowers everywhere to warm your heart and soul 🙂


Author: Carole Brown

Born by London Bridge, the river Thames is with me always. I am a true cockney (born within the sound of Bow Bells) though to hear me you would not think so, for I moved aged 9 from the poor east end of London with its docks closing to a tiny Oxfordshire village, population 300, plus its Lord of the Manor! So began my journey of spanning two different worlds. My parents met because of WWII, when my Mum was evacuated from the Isle of Dogs to another small village in rural Oxfordshire. With childhood stories of how my east end family, the Browns, survived the Blitz and of how my Italian grandparents, the Giannandreas, took another leap of faith, leaving Italy to make a new home in Oxford at the turn of the century, it's in my blood to keep moving on, exploring different worlds.

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