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It’s all greek to me!

Recently I arrived in Greece and when siting down one evening to enjoy a glass of wine, which turned out to be a particularly delicious light dry white, I was amused as I tried to read the description on the bottle.
I said to my partner, “It’s all Greek to me” and then I collapsed in giggles as the perfection of that phrase hit me. I mean just look at this writing ……

If it were French I might not be able to understand but at least I could attempt to read it. In the case of the Greek language I am completely mesmerised and paralysed.
And no, I am not referring to the word paralytic, as one might be after rather too many glasses of Ouzo …. more on that later!

Meanwhile here is a friend’s comment I received on facebook when I posted this photo of the wine bottle there …. she wrote:

“Is a white wine from an area called Aigialia , this wine has a bright colour with the flavour of peach and lemon orange flavours.refreshing you can drink it with white meat , fish pasta, cheese