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Flies of Pelion

All the tavernas (restaurants) in Greece have their seating outside and in the Pelion region where we are, the seating is right on the water. Incredible sea views and the beauty is simply magical.

That magic, however, soon dissipates as the flies start to appear. First one, then two, then three. Where do they come from I wonder? Nowhere to be seen one minute and everywhere the next minute.

When the food appears their friends join them. Incessantly landing on you as you attempt to swat them away. No longer can you enjoy the view as your attention is drawn to keeping them away from your delicious meal.
I turn to Carole and say, “I feel like a horse in a field”.

Mind you this also happens on the beach, while sitting on the patio outside ones accommodation, or just standing for too long taking in the sunset.
Is it just me that finds this so annoying?
I look around and no one else is swatting at flies. Am I the only person with flies around them?

As an American, I wonder why don’t the Greeks utilize fly traps? I am left feeling perplexed and frustrated.