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When broadband is not broad

Sitting on this peninsular in an area of Greece still largely unnoticed to anyone except the Greek people, I ponder on the limits of broadband here. It’s as if the broad in broadband has disappeared and the bandwidth has become as narrow as the peninsular itself.

I think back to my frustrations in trying to join a conference call last week. There were seven of us in total. Six in America and me in Pelion.
I had assumed that video might be a stretch and imagined being on air just long enough to smile and say hello, then switching to audio only. What I had not envisaged was being unable to see the others at all and the audio breaking up often, resulting in them never being able to hear me and me being unable to hear them for several minutes at a time. In the end, I’d sent a couple of texts when I couldn’t communicate in any other way.
Wow, was I frustrated.

And then I caught sight of myself in this ridiculous pose.
Like watching myself in an old black and white silent movie, my hand gestures and facial expressions had become more and more grandiose as my frustrations grew!

Oh how funny and absurd us human beings are in this technical world!!!

How silly I now feel. Yes it mattered to me to be in touch with my peers, a set of special women who had trained together and shared much. But there’d be other meetings in future.

Right now what’s most important is that here I am in this secret place in Greece where life is simple and rich in ways that many of us have forgotten. Here my decisions revolve around what time to have a swim, should I buy fish today as the boat comes in, and whether I have enough fresh fruit and vegetables or do I need a top up from the truck that passes by.
I thank God for giving me the chance to be here and experience life that is more down to earth and real.

I have become so relaxed after these few weeks that even writing a blog post now takes much longer.

It’s okay to slow down, I say.
I can feel each muscle relax and I breathe 🙂